Clinic Lab
ShangHai Unimed clinic laboratory
ShangHai Unimed clinic laboratory
ShangHai Unimed clinic laboratory
ShangHai Unimed clinic laboratory

Shanghai Unimed clinic laboratory(Former Shanghai Genesky clinic laboratory) was founded in 2016. With a number of innovative technologies, it has developed various high-efficiency, high-throughput and accurate IVD products, providing professional clinic testing and scientific research services for genetic analysis, carrier screening microbial identification, and cancer companion diagnostics. In July 2019, Unimed acquired Shanghai Genesky clinic laboratory. This acquisition enabled Unimed to expand its business and product lines besides its solid establishment in the field of reproduction a...

Single cell capture platform
Single cell capture platform is the platform which is used for a fully automatic detection, analysis of cell images, scanning, recording, non-invasive separation and accurate transfer of cell cloning, single cell or tissue operation platform, widely used in cell biology, immunology, tissue engineering, clinical medicine and other fields.
Screening embryonic stem cells      Clinical circulating fetal cells
Cell line analysis in monoclonal antibody      Circulating tumor cells
Isolation / cloning of cell lines  Intercellular signaling pathway
Microarray platform
Gene microarray, also known as chromosome microarray technology (CMA), is used to detect copy number variation (CNV) in the whole genome, especially for detecting microdeletion and microduplication of chromosome segments. At present, gene microarray is now widely as a routine technology of clinical genetic diagnosis all over the world.
Embryo genetic test prenatal diagnosis
Histogenetic analysis of abortion       Diagnosis of pediatric genetic diseases

NGS platform
The most comprehensive small desktop sequencer, suitable for any size of laboratory, to achieve the most convenient sequencing services.
Whole genome re sequencing Deep amplification sequencing
Transcriptome sequencing             Study on DNA methylation model
Epigenetics Association mutation detection
Endometrial receptivity assessment
ERA is endometrial receptivity analysis. It's a genetic test that tests a small sample of women's uterine tissue to assess whether the condition of women's endometrium is ready for transplantation.
Circulating tumor cell capture
Circulating tumor cell( CTC) which refers to the tumor cells that come out of the primary focus and invade the blood circulation. CTC can evade the body's immunity and stay in the primary or distant organs, thus forming recurrence and metastasis.